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5th International Congress

IoPT goes live online: What do I want: Surviving or living?

October 17th - 18th and 24th - 25th, 2020 will now be offered online.

In order to keep us despite of “Corona” in a state of reasonable planning our 5th International Congress “What Do I want: To live or to Survive?” will now be a live online event.
That is for us not an emergency solution, but an expanding of possibilities to offer IoPT-work. Many of us meanwhile know to facilitate self-encounters with the help of the Intention Method. We know that this shows excellent results and allows deep emotional self-contact.
Of course IoPT-live online lacks direct body contact and the immediate physical encounter in groups. But there is also a bunch of advantages:
- No travelling to and from the seminar venue
- Intention holder and resonators are close together and in very good eye contact
- They can even look into their own faces
- Excellent visibility and audibility for those in the holding circle
- More members can be taken on for groups and for lectures
- Possible chats and personal activities in the background that do not disturb the whole group
- Translation into many languages at the same time
- People bound to their home and residence can also participate

IoPT-live online needs a special commitment. That means
- Readiness to get accustomed with ZOOM an easy to handle software
- Availability of good technical equipment with audio- and video-functions
- Stable Internet connection
- Commitment to special safety rules for IoPT-online work

We limit the number of participants of this congress to 1.000. Who has already applied for this congress keeps a valid ticket. If you want to withdraw your already confirmed registration you will get your entrance fee fully back.
Please feel warmly welcomed to share with us these new ways of deeply healing IoPT-processes and exciting new experiences!
The Team from Association for Promoting Healthy Human Autonomy e.V. in cooperation with Rhemaworks International Pte Ltd from Singapore

Our program remains the same.
The fee for the online congress is now 4 days 390.- €
Online translation in English
If you have already payed we will transfer you money back.
You can cancel your travel plans and hotelrooms.
Shortly we will give more details about the technical aspects.


Prof. Dr. Joachim Bauer
Prof. Dr. Gerald Hüther
Dr. Hans-Joachim Maaz
Prof. Dr. Franz Ruppert
and many more ...

Congress Program:

  • Cutting edge lectures
  • 40 workshops relating to IoPT
  • Live discussions
  • Complete program as PDF (English starts on page 7; last updated June 14, 2020)

Verein zur Förderung einer gesunden Autonomieentwicklung von Menschen e.V.

Register here.

We are looking forward to seeing you!
Franz Ruppert, 1st Chairman of our Association
Christina Freund, 2nd Chairwoman of our Association
Detlev Blechner, Treasurer
Dagmar Strauss, Head of the organisational team