Healthy Autonomy

Association for Promoting Healthy Autonomy e.V.

Bernd Casel

Workshop: Sa12, Saturday, Oct. 22 2016, 02:30 – 04:30 pm

The first stages of development of each personality are determined by others and externally controlled. This begins with conception and pregnancy and does not end with the first school report card. Major fundamental features of our identity are characterized by heteronomy by our former caregivers. The quality of these experiences has a significant impact on our overall development. As an adult we are simply no longer aware of these incidents or we intentionally, want to leave "all this" behind us as quickly as possible.

Since the development of the own identity has begun under determination by others, the subsequent search of identity is often difficult.

  • How much of, what we identify as "I", denotes our actual self?
  • How much of what we feel, want or do corresponds to our own desires?
  • How can we distinguish externally characterized stimuli from autonomous decisions?
  • Are there healthy steps to your own personality?

The workshop teaches the basics for identity development. It provides a guide for healthy steps to a self-determined personality. In the practical part "The Sentence of Intention as a new way of self-encounter" will be presented. There is the opportunity to clarify questions about your own personality and identity.

Bernd Casel is an entrepreneur since 1984, Therapeutic consultations since 1994; author of "The Secret of karmic relationships" More generational Psychotraumatology and trauma therapy according to Prof. Franz Ruppert from 2009 onwards.

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