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Margrit Senn & Ewald Dietrich

Margrit SennTension & Trauma Releasing Exercises

Can we meaningfully support the IoPT in resolving the split between body and psyche from the physical side? Our first split is between body and mind. It is not without reason that fitness studios are booming as a survival strategy. Dramatic consequences of this first split: Body trauma therapy does not automatically heal our psyche, and IoPT does not automatically resolve our embodied traumas. How do we treat it therapeutically? In support of eliminating the split between body and mind, our workshop - based on the IoPT - offers self-use "Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises" after intense IoPT constellations. The participants in the workshop envision a trauma that has appeared in their own IoPT constellation and then specifically focus on the physical level. They learn to use the self-healing powers of the body to directly shake off the trauma energy of previously envisioned trauma - which were already processed with the IoPT-traumas.

Margrit Senn, identity-oriented therapy based on the concern method (Prof. Franz Ruppert), TRE (Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises after Dr. David Bercelli), Authentic communication - The adult human, child and horse (Klaus F. Hempfling), Communication / Presentation (Dale Carnegie Trainings amongst other things), Team Dynamics and Moderation (Jens Wiedmann), Energy Work (Zarah Flaschberger, Academy for Awareness Development, etc.), Naturopath schooling Verimeer. 
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Ewald Dietrich, graduate pedagogue, Gestalt therapist, personnel and organizational developer, educated amongst other things, in various forms of constellation work, non-violent communication and positive aggression. Presently, and with increasing pleasure, I am encountering myself with the help of the IoPT and open these possibilities also for others. I like to experiment with the inclusion of other methods that fit, for me, with the IoPT. 
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