Healthy Autonomy

Association for Promoting Healthy Autonomy e.V.

5th International Congress

IoPT goes live online: What do I want: Surviving or living?

Our congress from October 17th - 18th and 24th - 25th, 2020 with 400 participants was successful and beautiful.

We would like to thank all those who supported and helped us to make it a success, so that 400 people from all parts of the world were able to participate in the further development of IoPT.

Soon we will provide information on how to obtain the various lectures.

You can find accompanying material to the individual workshops on the Our Speakers page where a * is displayed next to the name.

We are now already planning to hold our 6th congress, which will take place again in Munich from 14 - 16 October 2022. Perhaps it may be in a hybrid format as a mix between a face-to-face and an online congress.

Verein zur Förderung einer gesunden Autonomieentwicklung von Menschen e.V.

Franz Ruppert, 1st Chairman of our Association
Christina Freund, 2nd Chairwoman of our Association
Detlev Blechner, Treasurer
Dagmar Strauss, Head of the organisational team