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Symbiosis and Autonomy

1. International Conference about Constellation Work
based on Bonding- and Trauma Theory

26th-28th of October 2012 in Munich, Germany

A Conference with Professor Dr. Franz Ruppert

Human development is determined by our need for love, relationship and belonging, and our desire for autonomy, self-determination and freedom. The general task deriving from this is to become autonomous especially in close emotional relationships.

Anxieties, stress and traumatic experiences can cause serious disturbances in the psychological maturation of a person. Especially traumatic experiences have hugh consequences, they cause the psyche to split. One of the consequences then is lifelong symbiotic entanglements with other people and the inability to become really independent.

The method of Constellations helps, by the mediation of the representatives, to reflect and show psychic conditions fairly well. It is useful to bring the unconscious and suppressed psychic realties to light and integrate psychic splits.

This first Conference conveys the theoretical implications of the work with the constellations method, grounded in the theories of Bonding and Trauma. The multigenerational perspective transfering trauma from one generation to the next, is included.

The conference offers the opportunity to witness the newly developed formats of the Constellation ("Constellation of Trauma", and "Constellation of the Intention") in practice and in its application in different fields.