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About the Method

Current state of the Method: Update!

The method, by which we implement the insights and objectives of the Identity-oriented psychotrauma theory (IoPT), is called  Intention Method. Which means the following: A person who wants to work therapeutically on himself first of all considers his intention: What do I want to achieve through this work? What is my goal? What would I like to look at more closely? What is the next step in my therapy?

When his intention is clear, he is asked to write it on a whiteboard or a flip chart. He may reflect once again, while writing and if necessary, modify. His/her intention now visible for him/her and for all others intention, is the basis for the further process. The words of the intention are now written on post-its, glued on name tags and then given to the representatives. When the client gives the signal to start the represenatives nonverbally find their place in the basic structure of the intention.

Now the process begins, in which, the one who is working on himself, can obtain a deep insight into his inner being. Every word reflects an essential facet of his psyche. Often, unconscious and repressed experiences from one's own biography show up. This allows him to consciously get in touch with himself. In the event that he also has an emotional contact, a sustainable change process takes place in his psyche. Trauma survival strategies can lose their credibility; healthy mental structures get more space and possibly split traumatized parts of a healthy "I" are freed from inner banishment.

The intention provides, for those who work therapeutically on themselves, a safe and defined framework. The therapist supports him in his process and initiates external impulses, where healing and change processes are beneficial and relevant.