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Gabriele Hoppe

Gabriele HoppeTrauma and Vaccinations: The Vaccine - The Fear - The Life

Life definitely wants you from the first beginning. Everyone is welcome and invited by life to develop their own potential and to be on the road with each other..

Simultaneously, in the personal becoming process the early – own or taken over - existential experiences generate subliminal fears. These correspond with a fragile trust in openness to life and remain as an acting "background film" until they are individually consciously perceived and purposefully integrated.

Until then, certain key stimuli can suddenly activate the subtly existing existential fears. This makes effects on the immune system and behaviour of human predictable, as has been shown in the recent past "around corona-pandemic": Trigger points were e. g.  the continued public spread of horror pictures, underpinned by unswerving prognoses of mass infections with extreme mortality rates, social distancing, duty to wear protective masks, economic shut-down with subsequent hardship, etc.. The (questionable) message, that no help against the virus is possible for an indefinite period of time is reinforcing hopelessness and shock.

With all of this, it should be kept in mind that the health-concept of holistic medicine and therapy has different opitons for dealing with infections.

In any case: Everyone can decide – in a contermporary manner and autonomous and in dignity, which growth path they choose for their own strengthening, in order to be more in touch with themseves and thereby also be more independent from externally  influenced dynamics.

I am looking forward to the workshop with you.


Gabriele Hoppe arbeitet works in her own practice as a prenatal and tiefenpsychologisch fundiert trauma therapist.