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Trauma and multiple identities

To split the psyche is a way of surviving trauma. Those splits cannot be healed without therapeutic support. The most extreme form of splitting can be diagnosed as "Multiple Identity Disorder". Extreme forms of violence such as torture and ritual sexual abuse are the main causes. People who suffer from Multiple Identity Disorder can no longer experience themselves as one person; they are many, and each of the different personalties lives a life of its own.

There is the host which tries its best to manage life, having no explanation for the time lapses that regularly occur,or for being at places without knowing how she got there, or for meeting people she doesn't know but seems to know. One can easily imagine how confusing this is for the person herself and for her partners, children and friends.

The therapeutic approach of "constellation of the intention" enables clients to come into contact with their different identities, to understand them better and see their relationship with the host. Integrating the split off identities then becomes a possible intention.


Birgit AsselBirgit Assel, born 1960, is married, with two children
Diploma Social Pedagogy, since 1998 she ahs had her own institut and since 2007 has based her work on Franz Ruppert's Multigenerational Psychotraumatology,  trauma constellations and the recently developed "constellation of the intention".

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Kerstin Kirschniok, born 1964.Kerstin Kirschniok
Having experienced many different therapeutical approaches during her lifetime she came into contact with traumaconstellations in 2008, beginning a training in 2009 with Birgit Assel and having now her own private consulting practice in Hildesheim since 2010.

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