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Workshop Fr09: Friday, Oct. 21, 2016, 05:30 – 07:15 pm

Voice is sound in words and music. It is always with us, with our self and our identity, and as intertwined as breath. The voice is the expression of immediate experience, an expression of life, of identity. We assume sound patterns of relevant educators. The “I”-vocal development begins prenatally in the “I”-“You” relationship with the mother. Voices may have different colorations, be disguised and imitated. But, the original sound as an identity feature remains.

Mostly it has been buried by trauma experience and thus the authenticity. In any communication, even the inner form of communication, the voice is a mirror for us. All experiences and feelings affect the sound and influence every conversation. Will I be heard and understood? Who am I if I am self-determined and authentic? How does my voice sound then? How do I resonate with others? How does it show professionally and personally?

In the workshop, you can find answers to voice phenomena’s in experiencing a "Self-Encounter with the Sentence of Intention“ and meet your own voice.

Aurora Wolf, singer / vocal coach Functional, movement therapist / physical therapy, craniosacral osteopath / visceral osteopathy, 2009-2012 training after Dr. Franz Ruppert with Birgit Assel, monthly training at Dr. Franz Ruppert. 2011 "Practice & Studio Aichwald". 

Practise in 73773 Aichwald bei Stuttgart
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