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Dagmar Strauss

Dagmar Strauss

Heart Diseases and Trauma of Love

Cardiovascular diseases, despite intensive care, are among the leading causes of death in Germany. What is the reason for this? Our heart is the centre of our relationships and desire for bonding. It expresses our profound need for human closeness and love.

When in contact with a loving person we can relax and become calmer because we feel accepted, safe and secure. We open ourselves up, our hearts open and a pleasant feeling flows through our entire body. However, not only have the loving feelings affected our heart activity. Outrage, anger, and fear also influence our heartbeat.

Stephen Porges discovered 20 years ago that only mammals possess a social nervous system (Social Engagement System), which is especially related to our heart. This "social engagement system" is responsible for social behaviour and our relationship with other people. It is primarily characterized by a loving, benevolent and attentive interaction with the mother and caregivers. A mother who, due to her own experiences of trauma, is unable to open her heart to the love needs of her child, and thus cannot fulfill the child's desire for attachment, is then perceived, by the child, as a threat. It experiences a trauma of love. In order to protect itself, the baby has no choice but to close its heart as well, by breaking off access to its own needs, feelings and its origin of self.

In my workshop, I will show why the trauma of love has such a strong influence on our heart activity and thus can be considered as a cause of heart disease. On the basis of one or two constellation processes, I will demonstrate in practice how important our "social engagement system" is in encountering self-parts, the development of a loving, constructive "I" contact and the integration of split-off trauma feelings.

The focus of my therapeutic work is the "trauma constellation" with the method of intention based on the "identity-oriented psychotrauma theory" by Prof.Dr. Franz Ruppert. In my intensive guidance and monitoring of the constellation process, I incorporate my theoretical and practical knowledge of body trauma therapy from "Somatic experiencing" (according to Peter Levine), developmental trauma therapy "NARM" (according to Laurence Heller) and the "attachment psychotherapy" by Karl-Heinz Brisch.

In the last few years, I have developed my own "I" centred, trauma-disentanglement and reconnecting-oriented process support. As the client gradually encounters his inner parts, I am constantly in empathic contact with the clients' inner neuroaffective state. Through verbal reflections and psychoeducation, I promote self-contact and help the client to perceive and understand their emotional realm. I assist in allowing the rising of physical-emotional states and make sure that the client stays in the adult state in the here and now position.

Dagmar Strauss
, born 1962, 3 adult sons. Since 1988 alternative practitioner and since 1991 in private practice. In 2010 further training with Franz Ruppert on his theory and method "constellation of the intention" and regular internships in his practice. Further education in Somatic experiencing (Peter Levine), NARM (Laurence Heller), Binding Psychotherapy (Karl-Heinz Brisch), Imagination Therapy (Uwe Böschemeyer). Since 2012 regular management of own groups based on the IoPT and the method "constellation of the intention". 
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