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Alice Schultze-Kraft

Alice Schultze-KraftDo I have a body or am I my body?

The psyche-body dualism as an expression of a fundamental division. This workshop deals with the question to what extent differentiation between psyche and body does already represent a consequence of identity trauma with the interruption of healthy development of 'I'.

In many fields, for example in traditional medicine, body and psyche are still studied separately. The basic assumption of such a split and the resulting view of our bodies as objects are very much taken for granted in our society. We encounter them in scientific studies, the media and in personal everyday life. They still get little attention and are not scrutinized in detail. The hype surrounding beauty, fitness and health, ultimately also mirrors only the distance from ourselves.

When we look at our bodies as objects on which we are fixated, which we worry about, which we ignore, control, evaluate, manipulate, repair, optimize or perfect, we are mainly using aspects of survival strategies to deal with trauma. These keep us at a distance from painful experiences stored in our implicit body memory. Most of the time we do not think about connecting them to our trauma biography.

How can we find a way out of this primal disconnection from ourselves? Which experience gave rise to this separation? With help from the intention method we can gradually, by feeling and sensing, succeed in regaining a sense of our identity and through this encounter coming closer to a reunion of mind and body.

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Alice-Schultze Kraft, non-medical practitioner in psychotherapy, runs her own private practice in Kleve. Identity-constellations based on identity oriented psychotrauma theory in group as well as individual sessions, co-founder of the “Centrum für Potentialentfaltung” (Center for Development of Individual Potential) in Kleve.