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Healthy relationship organisation between doctor and patient in the example of a practice with integrative therapy concept - taking into account the constellation method as a central element.

Resulting from different starting positions, relationships between therapist and patient mostly develop in a very asymmetric way. On one hand there are superficially legal and textual guidelines, professionalisation and time pressure. On the other hand there is lack of information and clarification, the feeling of dependence and being at the mercy of somebody as well as pronounced fears in connection with respective supressing mechanisms. This type of relationship is indisputably hindering and harmful to whatever type of healing process.

Through the constellation method as central element besides very precious diagnostic and therapeutic insights, a completely new quality of relationship dynamics between doctor and patient develops.

Using the example of a medical practice with focus on environmental medicine as a contact point for environmental diseases, I want to show that through the application of the constellation method within a multimodal concept, not only diagnostic and therapeutic hints can be found, (not least with regard to the participation of inner split off parts and their proper pathogenic effects), but the way of relationship beween doctor and patient gains a completely new quality that verifibly contributes to the further recovering- and healing process.

Through continous process work with respective openess (of both sides), it is possible for the patient as well as for the therapist to uncover so far hidden destructive relationship patterns and replace them one after the other with constructive ones in the way that forms a healthy relationship as base for all further diagnostic and thrapeutic measures.

Dr. med. Harald Banzhaf
Dr. Harald BanzhafSpecialist in general medicine, environmental medicine, natural healing, acupuncture, sports medicine, social medicine, occupational medicine and emergency medicine,
Since 1996 he has run a practice of integrative medicine with a specific focus on Mind/Body-Medicine,
Academic medical-practice, University of Tübingen,
2008 Foundation of the Academy of Mindfulness,
2011 training in constellations work on the basis of bonding and trauma theory with Prof. Ruppert in Munich.

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