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The Heart of Things: The Constellation of the Intention in the individual and couples session

What does it mean to 'support healthy relationships' in the one-to-one session? What does that mean for the relationship between the therapist and client and what does it require of the therapist?

In this presentation and workshop Vivian will present her latest thoughts on these topics. One of her continuing passions is the elegant, ethical and disciplined practice of the therapist in the individual session. She will demonstrate her work, discuss the finer points of practice and additionally talk about her perspective on working with couples.

Vivian Brougthon


Vivian Broughton,
is the author of three books on the topics of trauma constellations generally and individual work specifically as well as numerous articles for professional journals. Her experience as a psychotherapist and constellations facilitator spans many years, including nine years of study with Franz Ruppert. She edited all Franz's books translated into English. She works in London and Bristol, UK, and in several other countries.

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