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Healthy Work Relationships

 “Origin - Practical Experience - Solutions“

It often starts with the career choice, which is frequently a symbiotic and not a free decision. This can be the beginning of a chain of work relationships, which again and again confront one with unfulfilled needs, and one rarely can decode the origin of it. At work daily unsolved personal and familial trauma situations can be triggered.
Issues concerned are:

- attitude in application situations
- negotiations of work conditions
- perception of tasks in the enterprise
- organisation and formation of relationships to superiors and colleagues
- business management

The workshop shows how to decipher the personal concerns with the help of constellations to achieve healthy and realistic work relationships.
Employees, employers, counsellers and individuals doing constellations are welcome.
After an initial introduction, participants are drawn to have the opportunity to make a constellation of their intention.



Gerlinde Fischedick, born 1956gerlinde_fischedick

Lawyer, mediator, systemic therapist and psychologic counseller, working in Hannover and Celle.


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