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Mother-daughter Relationships

The relationships between mothers and daughters differ from those to their sons. They are of the same sex and have the same body. Therefore, they are very close but at the same time in danger to get into respective symbiotic entanglement. This applies even more when mothers are traumatised. If a mother becomes aware of her traumatisation during her therapeutic process, she becomes able to recognize the traumatisation of her daughter.
The recognition to have traumatized the own daughter triggers feelings of grief and guilt.
These are very hard to tolerate for the daughter. Therefore she frequently starts to protect her mother and minimizes or denies her own injuries.
In constellation work with traumatized mothers and daughters I see such entangling dynamics repeateldy. How can mothers and daughters process their traumatic experience in a helpful way? How can they find a healthy relationship?

Based on a theoretical introduction, a constellation and a final discussion the workshop looks for answers.


Christina Freund

Christina Freund
Social worker, Study of German Literature and History
2006-2008 training with Dr. Lutz Besser, his psycho-traumatology and traumatherapy
since 2008 training with Prof. Franz Ruppert, his mutligenerational psychotraumatology and his way of facilitating constellations

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