Healthy Autonomy

Association for Promoting Healthy Autonomy e.V.

In good relationship with oneself and others

Destructive relationship arrangements can evolve from survival- and solution strategies of the childhood. These block or impede authentic contact to oneself and and others. If the needs, emotions, intuitive impulses, wishes, values and thoughts have been disregarded, being authentic requires courage.

Learned fear of rejection and rational defence mechanisms, such as minimization, glossing over and justification, can prevent the distinction between trauma feelings, pysical trauma sensations, flash-backs and traumatic cognitive confusion of authentic needs and emotions. This has a negative effect on communication. Misconceptions result from lack of self-understanding and self-acceptance and double bind communication.
The trauma integration process facilitates self-awareness and self-acceptance and the acceptance of others. The aim is to stay with oneself, to take over responsibility for oneself and decline invitations to co-dependency.

We depart for the journey to ourselves to also get to others.
The lot decides who will get the opportunity for a constellation.

Birgit B. Lehnerbirgit_b_lehner

Diploma in psychology. Psychotherapy, behaviour therapy, health insurance acceditation, Munich.
Since 2005 constellations after Prof. Franz Ruppert, individual, groups.
Traumatherapeutic trainings in different schools.

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