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Trauma, Bonding and Love

What is a healthy and what an entangled relationship?
How do they form and how can they be changed?

The desire to have confidence in somebody and to be loved are basic existenial needs
for human beings. The word “love“ is one of the main issues among people in the whole world. As important love is, as hard it is to comprehend. There are thousands of texts, songs and presentations about it. Often one desperatly searches for it, sometimes feels in seventh heaven, it brings us profound pain, or it lets us feel tingling in the stomach.
Where are the roots of healthy fulfilled love? Where are the origins of love sickness,   lonesomeness and partner relationship problems?
If individuals experience secure love and bonding as children, they can surely assume that as adults they will be able to live healthy love and bonding.

In my workshop I am happy to explore together with you the the origin of our emotional problems in childhood, to look where the love for oneself was lost, to feel the pain of abandonment, the lack of love or the lonliness, to reintegrate them and bring the possibly overdrawn needs towards the partner into balance.


patrizia_manukianPatrizia Manukian, born in 1967.
non-medical practitioner, kinesiologist, craniosacral therapist,
facilitator for trauma constellations and constellations of the intention,
2001-2002 training in family constellations (Jutta ten Herkel, Silvia Miclavez),
2010-2011 training in multigenerational psycho-traumatology (Prof. Dr. Franz Ruppert),
Facilitator of the seminars and lectures held by Franz Ruppert in Italy


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