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Trauma and origin

In our original experiences and beyond it there are central impacts for our further life.
Conception, incorporation-implantation, the moment when our parents discovered the pregnancy, our further experience in the womb, the birth process, and the first hours and days thereafter are original experiences that fundamentally form our further relationship-life.

All these are experiences, that we encounter in a time of enormous vulnerability and limited self-determination. They reach deep into our body and mind. It is the vulnerability that needs a special space of attentiveness and caution to invite heeling if needed in these
areas of experience.

With help of the constellation of the intention, this workshop is an invitation to attentiveness - perhaps the start or next step to a healthy and constructive relationship to yourself!

After the initial theoretical part we shall make one or two constellations, dependant on time.



Susanne Mautner, born 1965
Licensed counseller, trained constellation therapist (Karin Graf, Daan van Kampenhout, Matthias Varga von Kibed, Ilse Kutschera, Johannes B. Schmidt, Franz Ruppert)
Licenced therapeutic massage therapist, familylab seminar leader, body focussed process work by means of different massage techniques, focussing, somatic experiencing,
cranio-sacrale therapy, energy-body-work.
Work with groups and in individual setting in own practise in Vienna.

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