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Lectures during the Conference

Healthy Relationships (Friday, 10th of October 2014)
Relationships are central for the development of our human psyche. Therefore constructive relationshios make us healthy and destructive relationships make as mentally and phyically ill. What is significant for „healthy“ relationships? What are the symptoms for „insane“ relations? What can we do to gain healthy relationships and change the insane ones? How can we make use of the „constellation of the Intention“ to improve our relationships?

"The Constellation of the Intention" (Saturday, 11th of October 2014)
1994 I started to learn what we can achive with „family constellations“. Meanwhile I developed a specific format of constellations to work on the level of trauma. This work is based on the concept of „multigenerational psychotraumatology“ and I call it „The constellation of the Intention“. What does this method mean? What are the benefits of this type of working? What can be done wrong?

"Early Trauma - Pregnancy, Birth and our first years of  Life" (Sunday, 12th of October 2014)
Already during pregnancy and in the birth process it can happen that we as human beings make experiences that traumatize us. The concept of „Early Trauma“ describes and explaines how and why we can be traumatized in our early phases of life. It shows that „The „constellation of the Intention“ helps us to work effectively on this leves of trauma.

Workshop: Patterns of Perpetrator-Victim-Relationships (Friday, 10th of October 2014)

Destructive relationships are based on patterns of victim-perpetrator dynamics. They are founded in aggression, violence and manipulation. Victim-perpetrator-patterns that we develop during our childhood will easily be reproduced in later relationships. So it is important to identify those patterns and develop the strenght and the will to give them up and build up constructive relations. The „Constellation of the Intention“ is an effective tool to change perpetrator-victim-dynamics.

franz_ruppertFranz Ruppert, Prof. Dr., born 1957
Professor for Psychologie at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich, Psychotherapist in his own practice.
Since 1994 I develop the concept of the „multigenerational psychotraumatology“, the basis of my work with the „Constellation of the Intention“. The developement of my work is documented in 7 books, some of them are translated in English, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Czech, Romanian, Brasilian, Polish, Turkish and Dutch.

I offer seminars, lectures and trainings worldwide.

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