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The relationship to the unborn child

Fertilization is the start of life for a child. Right from the beginning it is linked to the mother through the biological program, from cell division and specialisation to birth preparedness of the mother. The expecting mother reacts mentally and physically to the pregnancy, the unborn child and the forthcoming birth. This period can be full of emotional joy and confidence that the child feels safely connected to the mother. However, previous unconscious or semi-conscious traumatic experiences of the mother‘s own childhood and her bonding system can be triggered. These become split off.

Through the sensory organs the child physically and mentally resonates everything that comes from the mother. In case a traumatically loaded relationship evolves in the symbiotic bonding between mother and child, it can accompany mother and child for life if it remains unresolved.

The entanglement between child and mother and the bonding system become transparent and discernable by means of constellation of the intention. The mother can clarify her own issues, solve and integrate them. The grown up child can free himself from the symbiosis with the mother and leave the personal pre-natal traumatisation. Step by step, a good relationship to oneself can be developed together with joy in life as a base for all other relationships.

monika_sellmayrMonika Sellmayr born 1941,

Married, 2 grown up children. Counseller, trauma therapist, since 1995 in own practise.
Training in regression therapy, trauma therapy, work with children, EMDR.
Training in constellation with the intention with Franz Ruppert.

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