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Professional Relationships

Interactions between different intrapsychic parts and structures of the professional person and the client can lead to destructive processes in professional relationships.

The professional person and client often notice discrepancies, get into conflict and dependencies with each other and/or cannot work together in a helpful and trustful way (any more). Hence it is of great importance to question the motivation for the choice of the own profession and to reflect upon one‘s own and the client‘s blind spots with regard to individual patterns of interaction. Dealing with one‘s own professional personality with the help of the constellation of the intention on the base of trauma and bonding, can initiate a process of clarification that assists the proper personal development and thus contributes to helpfully accompany other people in their increasing development of autonomy - beyond (destructive) relationships.

On one hand my workshop is about theoretical consideration of professional relationships, on the other hand it is about individual interrogation in reference to the proper professional personality by means of the intention applied on entangling strategies, destructive patterns and other interactions in the work with clients.

There will be room to make a constellation.

corinna-schuermann_2014Corinna Schürmann, born 1983,
Diploma in education, special needs education, mediator after guidelines of BM.
2010 to 2013 social education worker in a residential facility of child and youth welfare in Hamburg.
From 2010-2013 training in multigenerational psychotraumatology after Franz Ruppert
at IGTV by Birgit Assel (diploma in social sciences).
From November 2013 self employed, working with the method of trauma constellation on the base of bonding and trauma after Franz Ruppert and the constellation format “constellation of the intention“.

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