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Beyond life - Relationships with already deceased persons

Throughout their lives, people live together in a variety of types of relationships. With the loss of a person, the real-life relationship ends. Internally it often persists beyond the grieving process, although the real character in life is missing. The origin of the inner clinging mostly stems from symbiotic entanglements with early caregivers, primarily the mother and compensatorily also the father or other carers. This often prevents an inner release and leads to a conscious or unconscious adherence to the deceased person and the impression that the grieving never ends.
In the individuals concerned, these procedures can have different effects on processing and on attachment behaviour, and can strongly influence their concrete relationships.
On a multigenerational level the strong and often unconscious connection to a deceased people looms heavily. Multigenerational entanglements can impede the development of an own identity and cause identification with extraneous emotions.
Trauma constellations can help to uncover and solve such entanglements in real-life relationships.

In my workshop there will be the opportunity to deal with intentions and thus initiate clarification.


Marina-SchuermannMarina Schürmann, born in 1983

Diploma in education and special needs educaton, mediator after guidelines of BM,
Grievance counseller,  work with parents and siblings of dying children.
From 2010 - 2013 training in multigenerational psychotraumatology after Franz Ruppert
with Birgit Assel (diploma in social sciences).

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