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Premature Birth and Trauma

Every year 15 million children are born before week 37 of pregnancy. 1.1 million do not survive. Premature birth is one of the highest risk factors for neonatal mortality. Germany has one of the highest premature birth rates. The number of extreme premature births, meaning birth before 28 weeks of pregnancy is increasing steadily. Survival rates have significantly  increased in the last few years.

What moves a child to arrive early in the world? Can we as parents take preventative measures to avoid premature birth? Can trauma constellation work be preventative?

With my contribution I want to encourage future mothers and parents and prematurely born children being adults now, to deal with their biography. With the help of trauma constellation work you can find your own answers and by working through your own life  story you can facilitate a better start into life for your children.

In my workshop I want to enable you to look at the reasons for premature birth from the point of view of bonding and trauma and multigenerational psychotraumatololgy. There will be the option to make a constellation concerning the topic.


Manuela SpechtManuela Specht
Certified nurse, psychological consultant.
Trained in Voice Dialogue and Multigenerational Psychotraumatology (Franz Ruppert),
she offers constellation seminars in Bad Tölz.

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