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Sexuality in Couple Relationships

The feeling for the own body as a prerequisite for a good couple relationship.

Often people experience sexuality as something very important and take it as an indicator for a good relationship with the partner. In the process, sexuality belongs to a relationship as much as a meal together does. It is something normal, what develops in the course, being neither emphasized nor embarraslingly kept secret but something that creates wellbeing out of healthy structures.
Abused individuals often experience it differently. They frequently mix up sexuality with love, resulting the impression they are not loved sufficiently when sex happens to be rare in the relationship.
They experience themselves as being separated from their bodies, merely react, play a role, cannot really engage and let go, reject their bodies as they feel recected from their partners.
In constellations mostly this split appears. Then the aim is to come to know the own body, to accept and to feel oneself, and to allow and endure the own feelings, to learn  
to recognize and name personal needs, to accept sexual desire as normal and nice rather than experience it as pressure or exert pressure with it. Simply experience sexuality as a result of healthy relationship structures. With the help of the constellation method reasons for split off feelings may be found. With the help of the constellation of the intention, my workshop illustrates the possible reasons and consequences of the split from the own body.


Andrea Stoffers

Andrea Stoffers, 1963.

Since 2007 health practitioner for psychotherapy in own practice in Neuss with the focus of constellation therapy on the base of bonding theory after John Bowlby and the multi-generational psycho-traumatology after Franz Ruppert (training with Franz Ruppert, Munich).
I offer training in theory and practice in “constellation of the intention“ after Franz Ruppert. Therapeutic coaching in critical life situations, constellation seminars.


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