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Wartrauma and the mother-child relationship

Wold War II finished more than 65 years ago and effects of traumatic experienes still continue in a tragic way.
The war generation‘s experiences, chacacterized by immesurable misery and heavy burdens of guilt, have left permanent psychological injury.
How can these traumatic experiences of parents, grandparents and great-grandparents be still active in our psyche?
The traumatic experiences influence the mother‘s ability to love her child and impact their bonding. In the effort of building a strong relationship to the mother the child experiences a „symbiosis trauma“. Rather than to healthy and fostering feelings the child bonds to supressed trauma of the mother and via her also to the trauma of the previous generations. So it is not uncommon that children, grandchildren and even great-grand children mirror war experiences of their ansisters in their psyche.
In my workshop we shall among other things look at what a child experiences in symbiosis trauma, and how the consequences reveal in destructive entanglement and seemingly unexplainable mental symptoms and how we can deal with them with the constellations.
One or two participants of the workshop have the opportunity to make a constellation to practically apply the theory discussed.

dagmar_straussDagmar Strauss, born 1962, married, 3 grown-up sons
Since 1988 self employed health practitioner
1984-1994 Training in classical homeopathy
2005-2006 Training in family constellations
2007-2010 Imagination Therapy after Dr. Böschemeyer
2009-2012 Training in Somatic Experience after Peter Levine
Since 2010 Training with Franz Ruppert


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