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Unwanted children

Unwanted to what degree – so much that the parents want to kill the child or only neglects the child and his/hers needs.
Wanted from the conception and later unwanted? Or unwanted conception and later wanted?
Is the unwantedness consciouss or unconsious?
I invite you to a reflection on this paradoxes, and I am sure, many more connected to this theme.
And we may do some Constellations of the Intention to dvelve deeper into this paradoxes and learn more about the dynamics behind it.



Marta Thorsheim
Psychotherapist and Certified Constellator is running her own Institute within constellations in Norway.
Her degree is in addition to psychotherapy a MBA in change managemnet and a  MM in international management.Her former background is within organizational development and change management.
As a managing director within the oilsurveillance industri she travelled to many countries, and later worked as a consultant for Norwegian companies. This opened her eyes for the connection between the company challanges and the people working there.
And from then she has walked the road within psychotherapy, met Bert hellinger in the late nineties and integrated his work in her practice. Later, when she met Dr. Franz Rupperts work, she got the feeling of ”this is it”, and the rpogram at her institute was also changed.

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