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Symbiosis and Autonomy in couple relationships

A loving and satisfying couple relationship is something that most people desire and have high expectations of. But how do we find the equilibrium between our desire for intimacy and love, and a good way to manage very day life, and our need to be an autonomous person within the couple relationship?

Couple relationships very quickly can turn into a destructiv form of symbiotic entanglement with lots of quarrels and frustrations. How can we find a constructive way of living together as loving and equal partners?

In this workshop we will use the constellations method Franz Ruppert has developed to clear those types of questions dealing with couple relationships.


Margriet Wentink, Wim WassinkMargriet Wentink
Wim Wassink
since 1996 working in Tiel/NL as consultants, trainers and supervisors in their own practice
in ongoing training with Franz Ruppert in Munich
Translators of the Dutch edition of "Symbiosis and Autonomy"
Organisators of the seminars and lectures of Franz Ruppert in the Netherlands

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