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Mothers and Sons

With the conception of a son a opposite gender child grows in the body of the mother and activates different feelings and different (re-)cognitions than a daughter. In a son she has a counterpart that connects to all her experiences she made in the context with men in her social environment like father, brothers, friends and partners.
This opens a lot of room for specific projecting as the “own“, or typical female is missing.
In their development, sons are often accompanied by mothers who unconsciously or perhaps even consciously carry disappointment and anger towards male reference and attachment figures within and have to compensate for or supress these feelings.

The mother-son relationship mirrors mainly the trauma of the mother or triggers her through causing problems for the mother by non-conformity and diverse symptoms like school problems, massive resistance to education, sleeping problems etc. These cannot be understood and allocated respectively. Rejected, aggressive, and non-conforming parts of the mothers are unconciously sensed and lived by the sons.

The constellation of the intention leads to uncover the mother-child dynamics and here especially the mother-son one. Projections can be recognized and sons have the chance to free themselves from the “fighting mode“, as well as from multiple distinct features like hyperactivity, dependency behaviour, disposition to violence and many others, allowing them to live in a masculine manner without guilt.

Cordula Schulte,1952, married with two adult children.Cordula_Schulte
Health practitioner for psychotherapy in own practice in Essen.
In recent years therapeutic activity is based on qualifications in trauma therapy especially in trauma constellation work after Prof. Franz Ruppert in individual and group sessions.
Lecturer and seminar leader at Paracelsus Schools.


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