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When adult children marry

Neediness, dependency and rejection are often issues in conselling couples. As long as we are entangled with our parents, we enter romantic relationships as a grown-up children with longing and traumatised child-parts. The complaints and defects within the relationship are only superficially directed at the partner - they are unconsciously directed towards the mother or the father.

Birth trauma, attachment disorder, symbiosis traumas create survival programs which we are not aware of. Feelings of insufficiency, not being understood, or anxiety are expressed as consequence of traumatic experiences. Split-off child-like parts meet. Adult and healthy encounters are not achievable in this manner.

This workshop intends to illuminate backgrounds of conflicts within relationships and how the constellation of the intention contributes to the solution. Case studies illustrate traumatisations and resulting survival parts. Understanding and compassion for oneself replace illusory demands of the partner.

With the realisation, feeling and step by step elaboration of child traumata, a romantic realtionship on the base of reality and autonomy is possible.

Within the workshop I offer a constellation for one couple.

andrea_tietzAndrea Tietz born 1959 in Augsburg/Bavaria
married, 2 adult daughters, since 1990 I live in Berlin,
-health practitioner since 1994 in own practice with focus on psychosomatics
-lecturer for health practitoner training, adult education, communication training,
-training in natural health and psychtherapy
-training in constellation of the intention after Prof. Franz Ruppert
 individual and couple counselling, group sessions in and around Berlin

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