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Relationship to animals - a survival strategy?

Nowadays dog, cat, horse and other animals are family members rather than livestock or breeding animals. Often they replace a partner, missing children, or they may be the only  contact to another living being. In this way people easily get into a symbiotic entanglement with their animal and the animal gets into a situation of excessive demand.

To find a way out of this entanglement for a start it can be helpful to recognize oneself in the mirror of the animal. Using the example of horse-supported personal development training I shall show how horses exclusively react on our “self, here and now“ and do not get dazzled by our numerous survival strategies. This allows us to encounter our healthy side and simultaneously to recognize our splits.

The constellation of the intention is the appropriate way to further clarify our insights and to integrate split personality parts. The client achieves to remain more and more in his/her healthy part and the animals are back to what they really are - adorable companions.

There will be the opportunity for one constellation of the intention.

sabine_wintzenSabine Wintzen, 1963
Since 1992 trainer B licence of DSB, training riders and horses.
2003 psychological counseller (IAPP), 2005 further education in horse-supported training.
Since 2010 training and supervision in multigenerational psychotraumatology after Prof. Franz Ruppert with Birgit Assel (IGTV) as well as seminars with Franz Ruppert.
Since 2012 I offer individual constellation therapy and constellation seminars in Düsseldorf.

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