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Fear of death by the own mother

Some children experience violence through their own mother.
Hereby the gender of the child makes a difference, as the mother always identifies with the daughter. There are mothers who want to maltreat or even kill their daughters. Due to the predominant social mother image it is not easy to detect this kind of abuse from outside.
Terror from mothers towards their little daughters therefore is not easy to realize and is a taboo. Generally mothers acting in this way are themselves traumatized by war, sexual violence, and other experiences of violence or comparable desperate situations. Consequently they cannot bear the liveliness and sponaneous expressions of a little child, feel overwhelmed and find pleasure to torture or even kill her.
In the clinical context, it happens again and again mothers and daughters in crisis areas  make similar experiences. The constellation of the intention in the process is very helpful to solve and emotionally cope with destructive entanglements in relationships.
In my workshop we are going to look closer at such entangled relationships, examples how the constellation method can be helpful with such entanglements are introduced.


Karla DomnikKarla Domning, born 1957.
Senior Diplom Psychologist and Pastor.
Trainings in Psychodrama, Counceling, Meditation, Family Constellations and Trauma Constellations.

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