Healthy Autonomy

Association for Promoting Healthy Autonomy e.V.

Birgit Schaumburg

Workshop Fr14: Friday, Oct. 21, 2016, 05:30 – 07:15 pm

In the first year of life, a healthy "I" can develop well, in a loving benevolent environment and in particular with loving attention of the mother. Even the course of the "terrible twos" and adolescence phase are crucial and decisive for the development of their own identity.

Adolescence is a stage of detachment, a time in which even harmonious families often reach their limits. There is anger, melancholy, conflicts, border crossings and provocations. The children are rebellious; they ally themselves with their peers, and they will do almost anything now, for their recognition. Nothing disturbs more than their parents, with whom the children are entangled in very different like love. The timing of the physical, emotional and social autonomy of the child is a difficult process for everyone involved.

In this workshop I would like to present symptoms and examples of children and young people from my practice, where the development of a healthy "I" has been affected.

The "Sentence of the Concern" is meant here for young people, as a useful opportunity for intervention to support the "I" development 

In the preparation process, not only the young people have the opportunity to get more clarity about their situation and their feelings, but also their parents can experience and feel how their children feel.

Birgit Schaumburg, born in 1960, married with two adult children, one grandchild, worked as a Qualified Social and naturopath in private practice for over 20 years.

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