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Gerlinde FischedickWorkshop So04: Sunday, Oct. 23, 2016, 11:00 am – 01:00 pm

  • What profession have I chosen?
  • Why have I chosen this job?
  • How did I conduct myself during my professional training?
  • Have I maintained my occupation?
  • Did I feel qualified/competent?
  • How did I create the beginning of my professional career?
  • What professional decisions did I make?
  • Who or what guided me in my career decisions?
  • Have I determined my profession freely or did I let myself be defined?
  • Am I suffering from occupational depression?
  • How do I see myself today in my profession?
  • Or have I already withdrawn from my job?
  • Why am I not happy in my job?

In the workshop, and based on these questions, we will discuss the different "I-identities" that one assumes in the course of a professional life. Drawn participants will get an opportunity to identify and state their current professional issues working with the method "self-encounter with the sentence of concern".

Welcome are consultants, coaches and constellation facilitators as well as employees and employers.

Gerlinde Fischedick. Psychological System therapist and consultant, mediator and lawyer, lives in Hanover and Celle.

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