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Hedwig NiessenWorkshop Fr04: Friday, Oct. 21, 2016, 03:15 – 05:00 pm

This workshop is aimed primarily at people who are active in youth welfare or other human services professions. The everyday encounters with the trauma of clients in combination with the task of the skilled professionals to support them, has repeatedly shown countless "traps”, where helpers are at risk of losing their energy and motivation. Also a clear formulation of objectives with respect to the labor contract cannot protect professionals against strong emotional stress.

In order not to get caught up in the issue of clients, it has proven helpful to turn to one’s own,  not yet (sufficiently) dealt with topics. If not, there is always the danger of being "triggered" in the work environment and getting entangled with the client, therefore no longer being able to work effectively and unnecessarily losing a lot of energy. A good foundation for successful work of professionals is the knowledge that not only the clients, but the fact that we are all traumatized. From here, with the help of the constellation work, an interesting journey of exploration can begin, which serves both the helpers and those seeking help.

Hedwig Nießen, born in 1954 in the Rhineland, the mother of two young adults. After a graduate teaching degree, she was trained for trauma and educator Trauma-centered expert advisor. She works since 1995 in crisis counseling and youth services. In 2012, she learned the identity-oriented Psycho Trauma Therapy by Prof. Dr. Ruppert and provides this method to individual clients and groups.

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