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Manuela Specht

Workshop Sa14: Saturday, Oct. 22, 2016, 02:30 – 04:30 pm

The identification with one's own possessions takes place on various levels: the apartment, the car, the clothes, the job, hobbies, smartphone, sport, diet, etc. Do we identify with the objects that we possess? What emotional reactions are triggered in us when friends or even our own family depreciate our property, or find it ridiculous? Do we start to feel ashamed, sad or angry? Do we start to defend our possessions, to justify it, and thus ourselves? What happens to us when we lose our possessions, destroyed by others or we are unable to afford these things? Do we get our self-esteem from the objects that we possess?

Possession is an essential component of our psychological and social identity.

In my workshop there is the possibility to better understand and process our own emotional reactions in case of loss, devaluation or destruction of property as well as non-attainment of possession. Using the method "Self-encounter through my Sentence of Concern" it is possible to recognize why we look at and identify with external things that we possess, and why the possession of certain things are crucial for us.

Manuela Specht, born in 1964, two adult children, since 1988 registered nurse, since 2008 works as a psychological counselor/trauma counselor with the trauma therapeutic method according to Prof. Franz Ruppert.

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