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Sabine WintzenWorkshop Fr02: Friday, Oct. 21, 2016, 03:15 – 05:00 pm

When the consequences of trauma and attachment disorders prevent contact with the authentic self and affect the own decision-making.

When at conception and during pregnancy, no love and rejection is felt or all possible forms of violence prevail, we have to split ourselves at a very early stage of our lives. After delivery, it is very likely to continue in a traumatized, emotionally non "present" family. As a result, it is increasingly impossible for a human being to stay healthy, autonomous and to develop as an individual. To survive in such an environment, there will be numerous adaptations and splitting of the own identity. As such, real contact with themselves, to their own feelings, desires, thoughts, needs for "danger", and future are avoided. From this, a variety of physical and / or mental pathologies can develop in the course of a lifetime. Using the method "Self-encounter with the Sentence of Concern”, these pathologies can gradually be detected.

In addition, I offer a horse-assisted personal development therapy, which also serves the deep self-encounter and self-knowledge and can enrich the therapeutic process.

In the workshop there is the possibility of a self-encounter for a participant with the "Sentence of Concern" after the lecture.

Sabine Wintzen, born in 1963, coaching license DSB (German Sports Federation) for riders and horses, psychological advisor IAPP, horse-assisted training. 2010 Training in multigenerational Psychotraumatology by Prof. Franz Ruppert Birgit Assel igtv. Since then, continuously participating in supervision, intervision,work shadowing and visits of seminars of Prof. Franz Ruppert. Since 2012 Sabine Wintzen offers in individual work and group seminars "Self-Encounter with the Sentence of Intention".

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