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Lucy JamesonWorkshop Fr12: Friday, Oct. 21, 2016, 05:30 – 07:30 pm

Who am I as a mother and how does my relationship with my children change as my healthy self-strengthens?

This workshop will focus on what it means to be a mother, in the context of understanding trauma. We will examine the central role of a mother within the family, drawing on our experiences from conception onwards, and the challenge of appropriately meeting the developmental needs of young children.

Topics for discussion:

  • The ways in which children exhibit symptoms of MGPT
  • Developing the language of trauma within the family
  • Personal examples of changes in the parent/child relationship, as a result of working with our trauma
  • How children can act as indicators of the issues their parents need to address
  • Perpetrator-victim dynamics between siblings
  • The positive impact of truth on children (about their birth, traumatic events in their lives etc.)
  • The effect on our children when we, as parents, are in our healthy, survival or trauma selves
  • Developing healthy symbiosis within the family and supporting our children’s healthy autonomy

Lucy Jameson, born 1976. She co-administrates Vivian Broughton’s London training, and is an ongoing student of Franz Ruppert’s work. Together with Maria Green, she runs monthly group workshops using the Sentence of Intention as well as offering individual sessions. She lives with her partner and two young children in an intentional community in West Sussex.

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