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Thomas Roell

Workshop Fr15: Friday, Oct. 21, 2016, 05:30 – 07:15 pm

"Attached to each tooth, there's always the whole person"

To what extent and in what ways everyone is looking for ways to treat their symptoms, is certainly very different. In many cases, conventional treatment and methods - especially concerning the teeth, mouth and jaw area - alone are not effective enough to treat the symptoms of the body usefully.

As a holistic dentist, I deal daily with patients that feel pain in their teeth and jaw region, often radiating to the head and shoulder area. When asked, it becomes evident that these patients have already been treated by conventional medicine in various ways, without any success. After being invited to my seminars, and through the "constellation of the sentence of concern" unconscious and therefore unresolved, usually early traumatic experiences, search for a way to express themselves beyond the symptoms.

"Constellation of the sentence of concern" provides a large potential through our diverse symptoms, to better understand ourselves and our bodies. This enables us to take important steps towards our health and personality development, thereby allowing dental therapies to take effect.

In this workshop I will explain this approach with examples from my practice and provide the opportunity for individual constellations.

Thomas R. Röll, born 1958, since 1990 Dental Holistic with the main focus dentistry in private practice established in Ulm, since 2008 additional practice for coaching and systemic consulting, lectures and seminars, since 2009 training and supervision for the constellation method on the basis of binding and trauma with Prof. Franz Ruppert.

Practice in 89073 Ulm
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