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Marina Schuermann

Workshop Sa02: Saturday, Oct. 23, 2016, 11:00 am – 01:00 pm

Life path reflection and self-realization

When do I begin to reflect on my life? At its end? Once I retire? When I'm over 70 years old or only if I get sick? Although many people try to repress it until their death, in the course of a lifetime and aging process, every human being is confronted with the finiteness of life.

When accompanying in terminal care, it is often very clear what people, in retrospect, would have wanted to do differently in their lives. Here we see many similar regrets: too much work, too little time for their own interests, their own families, too many constraints, social or family.
In the later and final stages of life, we often reflect what has happened to us in our lives, what we have seen and experienced––but also what we ourselves have done or neglected.

Many people get a feel for their unfulfilled expectations and realize what would have been really important in their lives. They become aware of their survival strategies and support structures that have lead them through their lives.

This workshop applies itself under the view of identity and "I" development concerning the question; how can one succeed in following the own will earlier and recognize survival mechanisms? What do we need, in order to obtain healthy contact with one's self, before the arrival of our own mortality and realize our own ideas?

Marina Schürmann, born in 1983, Dipl. Paed., special educator. Grief support and palliative care, trauma therapist, mediator for guidelines BM, lecturer. Practice since 2014, psychosocial support in hospice care, counseling and supervision for schools and social institutions in the fields of trauma, attachment, grief, communication and occupational health.

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