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Ellen Kersten

Workshop Sa02: Saturday, Oct. 22, 2016, 11:00 am – 01:00 pm

When a child does not experience loving and warm contact with the mother, it falls into feelings of bottomless loneliness. It hungers for contact and love. In it's despair and feelings of forsakenness, it clings to every attention that is given. It can no longer distinguish in its distress: who is kind to me, and who will harm me? It can also become a victim of sexual abuse.

Conscious memories are often buried and deeply repressed. Sexual abuse is accompanied by extreme feelings of fear, powerlessness, helplessness, shame and disgust. The body becomes stiff, the unbearable emotions are frozen, contact to the own body must be broken off, and from this time on, the body is perceived as a foreign object. Physicalness and own sexual needs are rejected and fought subconsciously. Self-injury, eating disorders, addictions, and a blocked or destructive sexuality are frequent consequences, as well as physical illnesses such as bladder infections, fungal infections, fibroids, tumors, skin diseases, migraines and autoimmune disease.

In the "self-encounter with the sentence of concern" repressed experiences and emotions are tracked down. Step by step we explore what prevents us from living a free life. The contact with our self and our identity are central. It is possible to be and live in your own body and to feel comfortable, alive, energetic and sensual.

Ellen Kersten, born in 1969 in the Czech Republic and since 1979 in Germany. First job a bank clerk, two children, since 1995 alternative practitioner in her own practice, focus: Identity oriented psychotrauma therapy according to Prof. Franz Ruppert in groups and individual work, as well as classic homeopathy.

Practice in 61348 Bad Homburg
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