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Dagmar Strauss

Workshop Fr16: Friday, Oct. 21, 2016, 05:30 – 07:15 pm

In a relationship with a loved one, most people want to have, a stable, happy and fulfilled life together. Often the driving force is the desire for merging with another in a relationship, the desire of an "I" to make a "we", to be one "heart and soul". But is that a mature and self-determined inner motivation for a love relationship?

Our first emotional and physical love relationship was the relationship with the mother. The quality of this first love has laid the foundation in how we perform as adults in our relationships. With this pattern we search for a partner and fall in love with a person, who finally provides us with the desired longings, selflessly as a mother does.

How does the ability to love differ from the need for love? What makes a healthy and fulfilling intimate relationship? Can we stay true to ourselves in the togetherness, or does our partner demand that we take on a specific role, so he or she is happy? By "exploring the sentence of concern", the client can see and experience, in the encounter with their "I", how capable they are in making contact with themselves. 

After a short introduction, one or two participants will get the opportunity to do their "own work".

Dagmar Strauss, born in 1962, married with three grown-up sons. Naturopath since 1988, worked in private practice 1991 onwards. Training in classical homeopathy, training in family constellations, Somatic Experiencing, since 2010 with Prof. Ruppert, also regular internship in his office. Since 2012 individual and group therapies with "constellation of the concern."

Practice in Munich and 84072 Au in Haltertau 
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