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Evelyn Haehnel

Workshop Sa11: Saturday, Oct. 22, 2016, 02:30 – 04.30 pm

Our body is a huge cosmos with many ingredients that permanently respond to one another and which at best, work in harmony. Latest research shows, that these processes are controlled mainly by our psyche and for the most part, takes place unconsciously, this means, independent of our conscious control. As a result, our body is very dependent on the state of our psyche. If the psyche is influenced by traumatic experiences, for example, by disturbed or even destructive relationships in the family of origin, this may lead to symptoms. These "cries for help" of the body are an indication of these earlier traumas (and recurrences).

In this workshop we have chosen to look at digestion: It responds often sensitively to our eating behavior, the quality of food, our profession, to our relationships and other stressors in our fast-paced society. Physical problems are "combated" with drugs and surgery––but the symptoms are not easily kept quiet or pushed away, they may appear again, perhaps in a different form. In this workshop we can explore and experience a "self-encounter with the sentence of intention", and learn how to achieve a better digestion in a different way: How to develop a healthy and stable "I" (as an essential part of the psyche). Thereby providing greater clarity and the ability to make decisions, which „I“––emotionally and materially––is taken in and which I better refuse. Then "I" can digest my life and food better.

Evelyn Hähnel, naturopath since 1994, body therapy according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, psycho-trauma therapy, yoga classes and nutritional advice. Since 2000, continuous internships and training in identity-oriented psycho trauma therapy by Professor Dr. Franz Ruppert. Since 2007 therapy groups. Since 2015 head of training with Franz Ruppert in Bilbao, Spain.

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