Healthy Autonomy

Association for Promoting Healthy Autonomy e.V.

Bente Fjeldstad

Workshop Fr03: Friday, Oct. 21, 2016, 03.15 – 05:00 pm

How do you relate to your pet? Do you consider it a household or family member? Is your dog a replacement for a partner or is your cat a substitute for a child? Do you have a pet with anxiety or any other symptoms––whether it’s physical or psychological? If you have more than one animal in your household, do they get along with each other?

We form relationships with our pets. In this workshop I invite you to explore this relationship and maybe symptoms that may indicate that your cat, dog, rodent or bird (or any other animal for that matter) is not thriving or is having difficulties finding their place. Sometimes these are symptoms for our pet's entanglements in us humans. Just as we got entangled in our parents or caretakers unresolved traumas when we were small and vulnerable, our pets are able to do the same due to their biological and physical need to form bonds with us humans. 

And––do we, humans, also entangle with our pets?

With the background of Prof. Franz Ruppert’s model of traumatization and Identity oriented Psychotraumatheory we can explore our „Sentence of Intention“ with the help of reference points, like other persons or objects, and learn step by step how to form healthy and thriving relationships with ourselves and other beings.

Bente Fjeldstad, Psychotraumatherapist, trained with Marta Thorsheim and Prof. Franz Ruppert since 2010. Practice since 2011 in both individual and group settings. She has former practice from massage therapy and infant massage for bonding purposes. She lived with pets all her life. Currently, she and her husband share household with two cats.

Practice in Oslo, Norway
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