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Detlev Blechner

Workshop Sa01: Saturday, Oct. 22, 2016, 11:00 am – 01:00 pm

Due to infringing dynamics, identity development can be traumatized, even with siblings. And unfortunately, the causes of problems in sibling relationships are often hidden or even neglected. Because parents haven't come to terms with their own trauma, they are quickly overwhelmed in family life situations. Instead of building loving emotional closeness, they try to "function" and thus, can become dangerous for their children.

One popular relief strategy of parents is, to hand over the responsibility to siblings as watchdogs and educators. The lack of parental roles is unloving and often brutally adopted among siblings. So children are not only traumatized by both parents, but also by siblings. While children are left with this kind of "self-education", destructive hierarchies, competitions, even psychological and physical violence can develop. Sexual confusion is often a result with the beginning of puberty.

These dynamics between siblings are often reflected as idyllic images to hide the lack of loving support in the identity development. However, these mostly unexplained perpetrator-victim dynamics influence our present relationships. In the "self-encounter" siblings are then reflected as a cause of traumatization in the identity development.

This workshop is an opportunity to address this issue.

Detlev Blechner, born 1960, social scientist, father of a daughter. He works as a therapist and coach, as well as a lecturer at universities and study institutions.

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