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Bettina Schmalnauer

Bettina Schmalnauer

Body and Trauma of Children

When children are in distress, they show it through somatic and psychological symptoms. Babies brought into my practice are often cry-babies. They have e.g. digestive problems, sleeping problems or skin eruptions. Problems of small children are most often difficulties in the relation to other children, fears, enuresis, defecating, infectious diseases or often high temperature. Schoolchildren are tormented besides fears of school or exam anxieties also by mobbing, nightmares, teeth gnashing, frequent belly-, ear- or head-aches, extreme cough or allergies.

The child feels and senses always right. There are always good reasons for it! To recognize and find out the causes of these childlike messages is the basis of my work. A child or a baby is not yet able to express its state of being verbally.

If the treatment of the conventional medicine doesn’t accomplish the healing hoped for, many worried parents turn additionally to alternative methods today. With babies and children I work with the BodyTalk System©, here the knowledge about „Early trauma, pregnancy, birth...“ is important and helpful.

With children from 12 years on I make good experiences with the Intention Method in the individual setting. Depending on their personal maturity, youths from 16 years on come into the group for working with the Intention Method.

The best success is reached, if also the parents are ready to look at their own childhood themes. Often the question is, how it was for me in this age, what I experienced then.

I accompany many of my older and younger clients for many years. I often know the children since babyhood. I am especially happy about the readiness of the parents to risk something for and because of the child, what they would not have dared for themselves – to face their own traumas of their childhood.

Regarding my own children I always took their symptoms attentively seriously and formulated an intention out of that. Looking back that was always worth it!


Bettina Schmalnauer, born 1970, three daughters. 2011 Training with Prof. Ruppert, since then continuously with him at his practice and his seminars. Self-employed in own practice since 2008 with BodyTalk, psychological counseling, coaching, Gordon Training, work according to Franz Ruppert in the individual setting and groups. Co-author in the book “My Body, my Trauma, my I”. Practice in Ohlsdorf near Gmunden, Austria. 
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Ellen Kersten

Ellen Kersten

Sexual trauma and the consequences for my body

If a child is not loved and seen by his mother for who he is, he will suffer from loneliness and groundlessness. In his desperation and forlornness, he holds on to every kind of attention, which is given to him. The childs need for contact and attention is used by offenders (father, uncle ...) and they have easy game to make their victim submissive and traumatize through sexual assaults. Conscious memories of self-experienced sexual abuse are most of the time deeply buried and often completely repressed out of consciousness.

Sexual abuse goes hand in hand with extreme emotions of anxiety, powerlessness, helplessness, shame and disgust. The body petrifies and the unendurable emotions are frozen. The own body has to be left and is henceforth experienced as unfamiliar and not belonging. It often is even seen as an enemy and fought. The own body, which was not able to fight back, is now seen as a contemptible vulnerability. Therefore, it seems logical: if I am not in my body, I am safe.

Abused people live in their own bodies as prisoners and would like to get rid of it. The own corporeality and own sexual needs are rejected and unconsciously fought. Frequent consequences of sexual abuse are self-injury, eating disorders, addictions, alcohol and drug consumption as well as a blocked or destructive sexuality. As well, many physical diseases such as migraine, bladder infection, fibroids, tumours, fungal infections, skin diseases, sleep disorders, allergies, autoimmune diseases.

With help of the Psychotraumatherapy (IoPT) and the Intention Method, we are able to get onto the stressful experiences gradually. It will be possible again to gain access and consciousness to your own self and to get an own want, own needs and an own living body.


Ellen Kersten, born 1969, naturopath since 1995, own practice in 61348 Bad Homburg, Identity oriented psychotraumatherapy with fixed and open groups and in single work, training seminars and supervision 
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