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Detlev Blechner

Detlev Blechner

I Want to Accept My Left Knee

Rarely are the causes and effects of an accident associated with a phychotrauma biography. Often, an accident is regarded as just a physical, monolithic trauma. A healing process that just focusses on the body then becomes another opportunity to further split off the true causes of the events.

In my workshop, I want to demonstrate this cause and effect relationship by drawing from a sports-related accident at the time I was 12 years old, thereby illustrating the pre- and post psychotraumata and survival situations.

I want to present that the process of the Method of Intention can be modelled in such a way that an empathic, therapeutic process can be started and physical and psychologial pains can find their closing. Thus leading out of a trauma biography that otherwise will be triggered repeatedly.


Detlev Blecher, born 1960, diploma in social sciences, working as a therapist, coach and lecturer at educational institutions. Practice in Hanover, offers seminars in Hanover, Cologne, and Bielefeld.
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Christina Freund

Christina Freund

I and a Healthy Physical Activity

Physical activities belong to the basic human needs like eating, drinking, sleeping, physical warmth, relationship, sexuality. Therefore physical activity is a precondition for physical and mental health – i.e. to walk, run, jump, climb, turn around, dance, balance, clap one’s hands, throw, stretch, swim, ride the bicycle, climb the stairs and to carry something.

Yet it seems that this, sounding so natural, is not easy. We force our natural physical activity in sport disciplines with their own rules and aims, we move our bodies too little or too much, we thereby feel an exaggerated, ecstatic euphoria or only aversion and torture, we continue despite of pain signals or immediately stop in case of light unease.

- Why do we lose contact with our natural physical activities?
- Why is physical activity becoming sport?
- Why do we have to do sports? Competitive sports? Risky sports? Healthy sports?
- Why is it so difficult to find the right balance?

Traumatic experiences are stored in our bodies and can be activated again by physical activities. If we move our bodies, we encounter our (un)conscious traumatic experiences. This interferes our ability of sensing and the control function of our mind takes over. This has direct and lasting consequences on the body: We cannot or not properly perceive the natural need to move. As a result, we hurt and damage our body.

My workshop deals first with possible relationships between trauma and trauma biography – physical activity/sports - damage/injuries. A follow-up work with “sentence of intention” illustrates this explanations based on an individual case example and opens up a perspective towards a healthy and natural physical movement.


Christina Freund, born 1974, Diplom Social Pedagoge Trauma Pedagoge, since 2009 seminars and individual work in her own practice in Munich. 
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